Monday, February 25, 2013

The Busy Season Bounces In!

I was pouring through seasonal data the other day to ensure that Trampoline Parts Center had plenty of product for what is usually our busy season.  We're really excited to help parents get their trampolines back into "spring" form.  As I was sifting through the numbers, I noticed that we'll pick up full speed now and not slow down until early July....then we have a couple of weeks break, and then it picks up again through the end of October.  This just seemed really strange to me, so I asked the parents in the office to help explain why this is the case.  Here's what I uncovered. 

Of course, it makes perfect sense that parents pull their trampolines out of storage once the climate starts to get warm.  Others, who have kept their trampolines outdoors, also inspect the damage that the elements have taken on their equipment.  Not everyone takes the time to pull their trampoline apart in order to protect it from weather outdoors.  In either case, it's a good idea to take inventory of what is worn and needs replacing before the kids can safely enjoy their trampolines.  We're always reaching out to our customers and the broader trampolining community to remind them of safe practices.  This is what usually makes up the site traffic spiking.  So, why does mid-July also produce similar results.

While everyone had their theories, one stood out and was validated by some customers that we have since surveyed.  In short, it has to do with the July 4th holiday.  In many neighborhoods (mine for example), the party is in the street for BBQ, water balloon fights and grabbing a good seat to see the fireworks explode off in the distance.  Undoubtedly, the family trampoline is also part of the neighborhood fun.  Imagine the wear and abuse a trampoline takes when all the kids in the neighborhood take their spin.  If the owner hasn't recently replaced the trampoline mat, net and pad, then that kind of use will usually expose the equipment's weaknesses.  For the most part, no one gets hurt.  But, still, this is an accident waiting to happen.  Before you put your trampoline through any extensive use, conduct a proper inspection of your equipment and determine if it will be able to tolerate use for the entire "fair weather" season.  If there is any doubt, then prohibit excessive use.  Ideally, you should replace those worn parts and remove all doubt. 

Enjoy the start of the warm weather season and make sure that your trampoline is in the best of shape for all to use.  Don't wait for the July 4th holiday to discover the risks that could have been easily avoided. 

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